Mud Keys is one of the local favorite sandbars to visit. Learn the secret to entering the sandbar.

Mud Keys Sandbar In Key West.

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With the growing popularity of Snipes Point & Boca Grande in Key West, tourists and locals alike have sought out alternative locations to enjoy the beautiful back-country sandbars in the Florida Keys. One of the most unique and favorite alternatives in Mud Keys. Mud Keys is located in between Jewfish Basin and Waltz Key Basin, Northwest of Key West (see below).

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The Secret Mud Keys Sandbar Path In Key West

This location is unfortunately one of the most difficult sandbars to get to which makes it one of the most secluded and unique hangouts in all of the Florida Keys. With tricky winding mangrove channels that range from 12 feet deep to 2 feet. We highly encourage first or even second timers to hire an experienced captain to help traverse the difficult waterways. If you do decide to venture to Mud Keys, take it slow and enjoy the trip. Make sure that you use a navigation app like Navionics (there is a free trial available), to help avoid hitting shallow waters. When you get to Mud Keys, there are tons of places to explore. One of the favorite is the sandbar that becomes exposed at mid to low tides. The most unique place to anchor your boat actually only available through navigating a channel that at first appears to take you no where. This channel actually opens up into the Mud Keys lagoon and allows access to the back side of the sandbar. The Mud Keys lagoon is approximately 4 to 8 feet deep but the channel that leads to the lagoon can get very shallow during times of low tide with portions even getting below 2 feet deep. Be very careful when entering this passageway as there maybe other boats coming in or out of the channel.

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For more info and comments regarding the secret entrance check out the recent aerial video. See our Facebook post here for directions. Click here for our most recent Mud Key post with comments.

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