Legend has it that Destroyer Key aka Split Rock was created when a U.S Navy destroyer lost control of it’s radar & ran aground in the 1960’s.

(Destroyer Key, Also Know As Split Rock Key)

destroyer key in key west florida aka slit rock

Destroyer Key is one of Key West’s best kept secrets. There is a lot of talk of a legendary destroyer that lost it’s radar in the 1960’s & ran aground splitting the island in two. We decided to investigate further to see how accurate this finding could be. After speaking with the local Navy commissioners, we found out that this did indeed occur in the 1960’s. If you look from above you will notice that a large almost 500 yard trench was dug showing the ship running aground and burying itself into what is now known as Destroyer Key. The Navy had to come and dig out the ship from the location as it was completely stuck.

Things To Do At Destroyer (Split Rock) Key!

This unfortunate incidence has created a truly unique opportunity for adventure in the Florida Keys. Locals and tourists alike now have an amazing location to snorkel, camp and fish. The trench leading up to Destroyer Key is a difficult one to find without any help from above. This trench is about 3-5 feet deep depending on the tide. Once you have entered into the lagoon at Destroyer Key you can set anchor and begin to explore everything this secluded Key West destination has to offer.

Looking for a unique place to snorkel in The Florida Keys?

Make sure you bring your masks and fins as this location has some great snorkeling potential. The island is surrounded by vegetation and the rocky structure is a great foundation to provide a home for many species of snapper, lobster, colorful parrot fish, barracuda, sting rays as well as many other reef fish.

Looking for a unique place in The Florida Keys to camp?

Look no further than Destroyer Key. This ultra secluded destination has one camping site that is perfect for up to 3 tents. There are no reservations or governing company for this site, so it is first come first serve. This is a secret Key West bucket list activity and one thing you do not want to leave Key West without doing.

How do I get to Destroyer, Split Rock Key?

how to get to destroyer key in key west florida

So, the question is, how do you get to Destroyer Key? Destroyer Key is located near the Kingfish Shoals,  South East of Key West. The easiest way to get to Destroyer Key is by hiring a captain who knows the local route like the back of their hand. The second best option is to rent a boat of your own and use Navionics (free GPS app) or another GPS tool to help guide you to the location. Keep in mind that a massive US Navy destroyer ran aground here so do not let history repeat itself. We have provided a map of the location in relationship to Key West, but highly recommend downloading and using a GPS tool to help provide the safest route.

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