Free Parking In Key West Florida 2023: Top 10 Locations (2023 Updates)

How to save money on parking in Key West in 2023

Key West is a small island but driving in it can get really expensive. With $4-$5 being the average price for parking your vehicle for an hour, it’s understandable to want a free parking alternative. The good news is that you can find a free parking in Key West Florida as if you know where to look you’re aware of the parking rules. We’ll give you a list of locations where you can park for free.

Before that, let’s take a look at the parking rules.

Key West Parking Regulations

There are a few spots for parking in the neighborhoods of Old Town but they’re typically only for the residents. Visitors don’t have permission to park in those spots. The parked vehicles must be moved after every 72 hours. Another thing you need to be aware of is that Key West doesn’t allow free parking to visitors in metered areas during the holidays.

Free Parking Spots In Key West

While most of the parking spots in Key West aren’t metered, you can find a few that are free. There are also some locations where you can park for a much cheaper price compared to others.

Before settling on a spot, do a quick google search of free parking near me when you get to Key West. Sometimes, you’ll get lucky and find it. Otherwise, here are our free parking garage Key West locations:

Closest To Fort Zachary Taylor / Fort Street Parking Lot, Key West (Free Of Charge)

Closest To Key West Express Ferry / James Street Downtown, Key West (Free Of Charge)

Downtown Dey St & Elizabeth St Lot, Key West (Limited Space But Free Of Charge)

Downtown Ann St By The Curry Mansion, Key West (Limited Street Space But Free Of Charge)

USS Mohawk Museum, Key West (Free Of Charge)

Nelson English Park, Key West (Free Of Charge)

SE Roosevelt Blvd (Smathers Beach Free Parking), Key West (Free)

Rest Beach Next To White Street Pier, Key West (Limited Spaces But Free Of Charge)

3031-41 N Roosevelt Blvd, Key West (Free Of Charge)

Searstown Shopping Center, Key West (Free Of Charge)

Besides the free options, here are some options for cheap parking in key west:

■ Cheapest All Day Parking Option: All Day Parking For Just $4-7 at Fort Zachary Taylor (Map To Ft. Zack)

215 Whitehead Street, Key West ($4-5 Per Hour)

425 Eaton Street, Key West ($4-5 Per Hour)

505 Southard Street, Key West ($4-5 Per Hour, Max 7 Days Stay)

417 Southard Street, Key West ($4-5 Per Hour, Max 7 Days Stay)

Is Free Parking The Best Option?

As you can see, free or cheap parking options are available in Key West but you’d have to look long and hard for it. There are many stories where people have gotten their cars scratched or dented. If you want to save yourself from going through this nightmare and enjoy your vacation, there are a few other things you can do instead of roaming all over Key west for a free parking spot:

Check Into A Hotel That Has Free Parking: Yes, you’ll have to pay more to book a room that has free parking. But if you want to have peace, it’s a quick and easy option. One of our favorite options is Margaritaville Beach House on Smathers Beach.

Key West Park N Ride: If you can’t find a free parking lot Key West, you can sign up for the Key West Park N Ride Scheme which is located in the Old Town Garage. You can park for $13 for the entire day and also get unlimited rides to the popular tourist spots in Key West. Click here for directions

Wrap Up

While getting a free parking spot in Key West Florida is difficult, you can take that option if you find it. If you want to be extra safe, then you can go into a hotel with free parking or sign up for the ride scheme. Choose the option that makes the most sense to you. Good luck with your trip!

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